Mr Bryan Favorites

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Judi Haggar

Para/ Reading Rm

  • Birthday: March 21
  • Room Theme:
  • Colors: Red
  • Drink Stops: QT, Sonic
  • Fast Food / Restaurants: Taco Pronto
  • Stores: Target, Kirklands
  • Teams: WSU, Denver Broncos
  • Beverages: Lipton Diet Mixed Berry
  • Activities/Hobbies: Gardening, Reading
  • Fruits: Bananas
  • Snacks: Popcorn, Peanuts
  • Scents: FALL!
  • Flavors:
  • Dislikes/Allergies:
  • Candy/Treats: Mentos gum, Mike & Ikes
  • Desserts:
  • Morning Treats:
  • Afternoon Treats:
  • Other Notes:
  • If I had an extra $10 to spend on my classroom, I would buy: Skinny Dry Erase Markers, head phones, packing tape, privacy folders, bananagrams
  • If someone wanted to do something for me, I'd like it if they would/would not: