Mr Bryan Favorites

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Doreen Merkel

Music Teacher

  • Birthday: December 08
  • Room Theme: Music and Frogs
  • Colors: Purple, Blue, Green
  • Drink Stops: Starbucks, MOXI Junction, Quick Trip
  • Fast Food / Restaurants: Freddy's, Panera
  • Stores: Target, Marshall's
  • Teams: K-State Wildcats
  • Beverages: Coke Zero, Coffee - black, Hint Water - Green Apple
  • Activities/Hobbies: Singing, Traveling, Attending Music Theater, Teaching Jazzercise
  • Fruits: Apples, Bananas, Figs
  • Snacks: Kar's Sweet & Salty Mix, White Cheddar Cheeze-Its
  • Scents: Citrus - Lemon, Lavendar
  • Flavors: Cherry, Green Apple
  • Dislikes/Allergies: Wintergreen Flavor
  • Candy/Treats: Hershey's w/ Almonds, Dove Dark Chocolate
  • Desserts: Hershey's w/ Almonds, Dove Dark Chocolate
  • Morning Treats: Chobani Yogurt: Mango or Peach
  • Afternoon Treats: Almonds - lightly salted
  • Other Notes:
  • If I had an extra $10 to spend on my classroom, I would buy: Storage Tubs, Floor Tape, Teachers Pay Teachers Activities
  • If someone wanted to do something for me, I'd like it if they would/would not: