Mr Bryan Favorites

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Pam Wood

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Birthday: August 27
  • Room Theme: Wizard of Oz
  • Colors: Love them all
  • Drink Stops: Sonic, Kwik Shop, Iced tea
  • Fast Food / Restaurants: Subway
  • Stores: Target, Pottery Barn
  • Teams: Arkansas Razorbacks, KC Chiefs, WSU Shockers
  • Beverages: Iced Tea (Unsweet)
  • Activities/Hobbies: Kayaking, Cooking, Photography
  • Fruits: Peaches
  • Snacks: Almonds
  • Scents: Eucalyptus, Min
  • Flavors: Green Apple
  • Dislikes/Allergies: No Dairy
  • Candy/Treats:
  • Desserts:
  • Morning Treats:
  • Afternoon Treats: Nuts
  • Other Notes:
  • If I had an extra $10 to spend on my classroom, I would buy: More plastic folders & Stikki Clips
  • If someone wanted to do something for me, I'd like it if they would/would not: Volunteer in my classroom